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CCTV & Biomatric Device Solutions

Tailored designs, installation and maintenance of CCTV solutions to the highest safety standards.
Avasthi's IT Training & Solutions Security Company that provides tailored designs, installation and maintenance of CCTV solutions to the highest safety standards.

Our services cover:

New Installations
We design and install CCTV surveillance system for small and large businesses, parks, residential homes etc. to help reduce crime, protect people and property as well as improve employee safety and in certain cases increase employee productivity.
Repairs and Upgrade
Our engineers are available for on-site repairs and upgrade (software and hardware) including relocations to ensure your most vulnerable assets are always protected.
Remote Site Surveillance
With one of the best control centres, we offer 24 hours remote surveillance using the latest technology.
Incident Response
In the case of any incidents, our seasoned patrollers are always available to respond, provide reports and footage so you never have to worry.
Technical Support
We are only one phone call away. We offer remote and phone support to allow you do your work; we take care of your security and safety.
Our engineers are always happy to help with recommendations and professional advice to ensure you get the best deal out of any service.

Biometrics Attendance System

Avasthi's IT Training & Solutions provides an easy to use biometric time and attendance and access control system. With an intuitive and user-friendly interface, Avasthi's IT Training & Solutions enables you to easily manage employees and control physical security


Avasthi's IT Training & Solutions ensures that the highest cost of the company, employee working time, is used effectively.
Avasthi's IT Training & Solutions is ideal for businesses of any size. Small and medium-sized businesses will benefit from the efficiency, ease of installation and operation. For larger businesses and other enterprises BioTime provides centrally management of attendance information from regional offices and branches.

Why Biometrics?

To answer this question, firstly let's look at what are biometrics. Biometrics are a method of recognizing a person based on physiological or behavioural characteristics. Types of biometrics that can be measured are fingerprint, vein, iris, retina, voice, face etc.
We currently specialise in working with fingerprint biometric solutions.
Now, biometric technology has been around for many years, however modern advances in this technology, along with big reductions in costs, makes biometrics readily available and affordable to SMEs, large enterprises and the public sector.

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